Most people don’t make a dime with their Internet based businesses.

They “fake it until they make it” and think that they have to have big numbers to “convince” people. That’s not true.

So, what to do?It is a well known fact that if you have your own TLD (Top Level Domain) that you have better control over the amount of traffic coming to your affiliate site(s), and that you can redirect it to any destination you choose.The problem for a lot of people is finding a domain that is not expensive.  There is a certain domain registrar that I know that has domains on sale for 99 cents for the first year, but there’s only until the end of September 2012.  You’re not limited to one domain, so if you have the need for 10 domains, you can get them all for just $9.99.Now, here’s what you can do: get a domain name that is keyword rich for your business, and get one that allows you to create multiple subdomains and then redirect them to special promotions you’re doing for your business. You can redirect a sub-domain to any destination just like a TLD.Next, create multiple streams of income for yourself and eventually your ancillary businesses will be providing you with more revenue than your primary business.

Let’s face it: most people don’t make a dime on the Internet because they have NOT learned how to master the technology. I will be putting together a free e-course in the next few weeks which will teach you how to take a combination of the “little things” and pile them all together and make you more money than Carter’s Liver Pills!

Make sure your site is content rich and the ad copy is converting on a high ratio and you’ll probably make money. I have lots of ancillary revenue streams and I don’t spend more than 5 minutes a day monitoring them. I will include this information in my next book, and in the free email course.


If you would like more information on how to get these low cost domains for the first year, just call me.  You know how to reach me. ~Ernest O’Dell

Why Do Over 90 Percent of Businesses Fail?

By Ernest O’Dell
Guerrilla Internet Marketing

Never mind if they’re online or not…

A lot of people start a business, only to give up after a few weeks or months. Some might put in two or three years of hard work (and lots of money and time) only to lose their shirt.

So, the question begs:

Why do 90% of people who start a business fail? Why do people think making big bucks in their business is difficult? It doesn’t matter whether your business is “brick and mortar” or Internet based… it’s all the same.

Before answering these questions I will ask you four questions:

1.Can you practice law without studying law?
2.Can you treat a patient for an illness without studying medicine?
3.Can you engage in Business Marketing without studying business or marketing?
4.Can you operate ANY business, whether online or “brick and mortar” without learning about that business?

If you answered no to the above questions, then how can you imagine doing business on the Internet, a totally new science, without getting the proper training and education? How do you think you are going to make “tons of money” without knowing each and every aspect of the Internet and online business marketing?

How do you think you are going to make any money at all if you don’t learn about the basics of your particular business?

Most people who get involved with an MLM—or any other type of company—don’t have a basic knowledge of how business operates in the first place. Too many of them have the mindset of an employEE and don’t have the mindset of an employER.

They don’t know what it takes to run a business.

They don’t take the time to learn their particular business or the methods to make it profitable. They just want to sleep in late each morning, go to the beach and drink daquiris while the “money rolls in.”

People who believe those wild pitches on the Internet need to be “fleeced” because they’re not going to learn any other way.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think it’s right, legal or ethical to scam people out of their money, but they both have a common factor driving their blindness: GREED. Both parties in those arrangements are driven by greed and don’t have a basic understanding of how business operates.

Too many of these young studs you see on the Internet are overnight wonders, driving Lambourghinis and Ferraris, and have no idea how to build long term wealth. Look at some of them! Remember the ones who were “rolling in the dough” just 5 or 10 years ago?

No! Because they’re gone! They’re history!

Why? Because they were just lucky enough to sell of their crap to a bunch of gullible ass-monkeys who would pay out their hard earned cash for the crap!

Now, that last paragraph will probably piss off a lot of people, both sides of the equation… the seller and the gullible buyer.

Most times it’s just the seller trying to make his money back because he was ripped off by someone else. So, if he can con you out of your money, he gets his money back and you’re screwed and tatoo’ed!
You see these knuckleheads in court all the time because they make wild claims and don’t back them up.

That’s why over 90% of people who get involved in ANY kind of business fail.

‘Nuf said?

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Ernest O’Dell is the author of Guerrilla Internet Marketing, Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing, and is a Communication Systems Integrator at DMS Group Publications.

There’s a Big Problem In The Advertising Industry These Days

By Ernest O’Dell

It used to be that whenever companies wanted to advertise something,  they’d take out a commercial on TV or the radio, or an ad in magazines.  Then, when the Internet came out, along came banner ads… but the principles were the same.

Blast your ads at your customers, hope it works.  Throw enough money at it and see how much of it “sticks to the wall.”

That’s the old way of doing things like they did back in the “Brand Builder” days of early television.  (If you’re not old enough to remember when television came out, then anybody talking about the 50’s will probably sound ancient.)

As I’m sure you’ve noticed though, if you haven’t read about it already, the effectiveness of all those types of advertising has been going down.  Banner ads, classifieds, safelists, “free” ad sites, FFA (Free For Alls), are just about dead.

Then along came RSS and blogging.  And those are almost dead, too.

And then, along came social networking, Web 2.0…

That’s not to say that all of the aforementioned are “dead” yet—I’m not going to throw around gross exaggerations like that and expect you to believe them.  But, they aren’t working as well anymore, that’s for sure.

People fast-forward through TV commercials now with their TiVo’s.   Browsers nowadays come with built-in popup blockers.  People have just been more conditioned to ignore advertisements.  You know what I mean, since you probably do your best to ignore advertisements, too.

Enter viral marketing, also known as “word of mouth” marketing.  It’s been happening all the time, but because all the other forms of marketing have been declining, it’s becoming more and more important.

Word of mouth advertising has been one of the best, if not THE best, forms of communications since the cave man dropped his clubs and started walking upright.  When he finally figured out a way to grunt out the words to describe the pain his knuckles were having by dragging them along the ground, word of mouth became viral—probably about 10,000 years ago.

You see, when a web site is REALLY good, people just tell each other about it naturally.   And then those people who just found out about it by word of mouth like it so much, then they in turn start telling their friends about it.  And so on, and so on…

Before you know it, Piltdown Man has learned how to keep from scraping his knuckles on the ground and learned to walk upright.

Ah!  Evolution!  Such a nice concept!

When word of mouth gets out about your business, and your web site, and before you know it, you’ve got so much traffic, you’re struggling to keep your web server alive because there’s so many people visiting it every second.

I know: it has happened to me.  It has happened to my brother, too.  He sells a little video screen saver at RAM-Shock.com that nobody else has figured out how to design.

I was talking to him on the phone the other day and he was telling me that he was getting so much traffic that his bandwidth shot up and he got a whopping bill from his hosting company.  But, he will still let you download it and try it for free.

Well, that’s good!  More traffic is good.  Good copy is better, and more sales are the best.  But, for now, more traffic is a good start.

The real power of viral marketing, though, lies in the fact that people trust it as a reliable source of information.

And they should!

Think about it:  One of the biggest reasons people are ignoring more and more ads nowadays is that it’s turning out that what the ads are saying isn’t really true!

So, why should people waste their time reading and watching things that may not be true?  It’s kinda like watching a political campaign speech!  You can’t believe a word of it anymore!

On the other hand, if your friend, or your family member gives you a recommendation, you’re much more likely to check it out, since you trust the source.

So, in an age of information overload, and declining advertisement effectiveness, there seems to still be one method of marketing which will never go away.

No matter how bad it gets for “conventional” marketing, people will always respect the recommendations of people they know.  This is why social networking, or “Web 2.0,” is doing so well.

So the real question is, then, how do you get people to recommend your site to their friends?

Well, that’s all explained right here: http://www.viralets.com/?t=info2

P.S. Inside the free member’s area there’s a really interesting article about the 3 mistakes that can cause a viral marketing campaign to stop working.  There’s just too much information to put into this article, so head over to   http://www.viralets.com/?t=info2 and read about it there.

FREE 1-Hour Consultation

If you’re struggling to put together your strategic marketing plan, give us a call today.  Don’t “flounder” around and try to “wing it” on your own.  We’ll be glad to talk to you on the phone and see if we can be of assistance.

We’ll review what you’ve done, help you refine your plan and offer alternative ideas that you may never have come up with on your own.

The program we designed is called “Dominant Marketing Strategies” and we show you how to DOMINATE your marketplace—not just be competitive.

It’s not about subsisting off of the momentum of an industry. It’s about being worth more to the marketplace and as a result getting more response from it.

And when you have something good to say about your business, your product or your service, then you WILL dominate.

To learn more about Dominant Marketing Strategies, contact us by email.  Phone consultations are free.

Ernest ODell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing
Dominant Marketing Strategies
(a subsidiary of DMS Group)
Email: GuerrillaInternetMarketing@gmail.com

Attention All Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Managers, Business Owners, Sales Managers and CEO’s…

By Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing

Which Of These 5 Marketing Problems Do You Want To Overcome?

1.We have more and more competitors popping up, eating our market share, and making it hard to distinguish our business from the competition.

2.We’re a small business and don’t have the budget to compete against the big guys, but we know that we’re good at what we do.

3.We’ve never done much marketing before and we know we need to implement some kind of marketing plan.

4.We’re getting killed on price by competitors who are under-cutting us by selling low-quality crap, but the customers can’t tell the difference until it’s too late.

5.We’re spending a ton of money on advertising and marketing, but don’t seem to be getting much bang for the buck.

Separate Your Business From The Competition… Then Eliminate Them!

If you’re a business owner, professional, or entrepreneur, real estate professional, automobile dealership, Internet Marketer… it doesn’t matter: we would like to show you a simple but extremely powerful way to solve several of the main marketing and sales challenges most businesses face in today’s crowded marketplace.

More specifically, we will show you how to systematize your marketing and advertising so that your business produces very predictable, and extremely profitable results.

Once every three months, we conduct a mid-week and weekend seminar and workshop program in a major city near you. It runs for a whole 8 hours, and has breaks for breakfast and lunch.

During this seminar, we teach a group of companies how to do what we just described above. We would like for you to attend. We realize that you might not have time to take away from your business, and you might not have time to allow for a whole day from your office.

But what if in just one day’s time you found a way to totally systematize your marketing and…

Lead Your Prospects To This Conclusion:

“I Would Have To Be An Absolute Fool To Do Business With Anyone Else But You… Regardless Of Price.”

Would you consider making the investment in your company’s future, and the future of your key marketing and sales personnel?

These strategies are universally applicable to all types of businesses, so you’re sure to see ways to implement them into your business immediately.

We realize your possible hesitancy. That’s why we offer a Money Back Guarantee for a full year. If your campaign doesn’t produce measurable results defined by a realistic plan within the first 90 days of implementation, we will give you another 9 months to keep trying, or at the end of 12 months, we will return your money!

No Questions Asked. It’s as simple as that!


Call us and consult with us on the phone. There’s no charge for an initial consultation.

These seminars and workshops are exclusive and are not “open” to just anybody. Qualifications will be determined much by your goals and desires, and no two companies in the same industry will be allowed to attend the same function.

Here’s A Small Preview Of The Hands- on, Real-Life, Make-Money-Now Concepts You’ll Learn:

  • How to set the standard within your industry to ensure that prospects come to you—FIRST!
  • How to instantly communicate your selling advantages in compelling terms,
  • How to develop your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which cannot be duplicated by anybody else,
  • How to gain more customers—more of the time,
  • How to eliminate price competition, “sticker shock” and compete on value instead,
  • Inspire your customers and clients to spread the word about your products and services, literally creating an “army” of affiliates,
  • Franchise your sales “system” and create extraordinary results from ordinary sales people.

Each seminar will be hosted in a major conference facility in a luxury “name brand” hotel—or resort—in your area, lodging and travel not included. Meals will be provided which will include: a “Continental” style breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks.

Some seminars are also conducted in foreign countries, in major cities, with name brand hotels and resorts. These seminars are conducted in the English language, and if you need a conference in a different language, let us know so that the proper arrangements can be made.

Attendance Is Limited To The First 50 Companies Who Register – (No Direct Competitors Allowed)

Because this program is designed to show a business how to become the dominant leader in their industry; we do not allow two directly competing companies to register at the same time, for the same course, at the same event. Competing companies will have to come on a “first come, first served” basis, and if your company is second in line, we will schedule you for another event.

If your company has conference and seminar facilities, then you will have exclusivity for the event and a schedule can be set for you and your employees.

Here’s just a few things you will learn to master:

  • Learn How To Monopolize Your Marketplace with The Marketing Equation and
  • Dominate Your Marketplace With Guerrilla Strategies and Tactics
  • Separate Your Business From The Competition—Then Eliminate Them

Competition Has Increased

Here’s Why And How To Fix It…

The landscape of business has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Just being aggressive doesn’t cut it anymore. Sales skills alone aren’t enough.

Your customers and prospects are more informed today than they were 50 years ago. You’re dealing with a more knowledgeable marketplace, and you need to educate them about YOU and YOUR business.

You MUST distinguish your business from the competition and lead prospects to say, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you… regardless of price.”

Even Though You’re Good At What You Do…

…your marketing messages don’t reflect their unique strengths and advantages to the buying public. There are two sides to every business: Inside Reality and Outside Perception.

Your inside reality is the sum of everything that makes your company valuable to the marketplace—your systems, your personnel, and your commitment to excellence and quality.

Your outside perception is based on how your prospects see you, what you do, how good you are, and why you’re valuable to them.

You’re Not a Communications Expert…

The outside perception built by most companie’s marketing and advertising is not an accurate reflection of their inside reality.

Instead, most marketing you see is full of platitudes and empty phrases—words and “concepts” that are drearily trotted out in their ads.

They’re horribly commonplace and repititious, but still used—and stated—as if there somehow “original” or significant. Nothing could be further from the reality.

Words like high quality, great service, lowest prices, honest people, and “been in business since 1431 BC.”

Well, duh! I would hope so!

Therefore, In The Eyes Of Your Prospects, You Appear To Be No Different From All Your Competitors

Even though you’ve built your company “from the ground up” and you love to solve your customers’ problems, you’ve become complacent in your marketing message.

Why am I so bold to say such a thing, having never met you? Because in your quest for “quality” and “the world’s best service,” your prospects can’t tell that from your marketing.

Whey they look at your marketing, all they see is the same old platitudes used by everybody else. The “outside perception” is this: to your prospects, you and your competitors ARE ALL THE SAME!

Your wonderful INSIDE REALITY isn’t being translated in your marketing messages.


Because it’s being thrown underneath a pile of platitudes, which—by the way—forces your prospects to consider price as the only relevant buying factor.

Let me repeat that last sentence, so you understand it clearly:

Because YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE is being hidden underneath a pile of platitudinal garbage, you are forcing your prospects to consider PRICE as their only relevant buying factor.

There. Did I make it clear this time?

Monopolize Your Marketplace Through Dominant Marketing Strategies

You will learn—sooner or later—how to reposition your marketing so that your inside reality matches your outside perception. If you don’t, you’ll soon see the dusty trail of your competition as they leave you behind in the marketplace.

You will learn how to articulate your unique strengths and advantages in such a way that is powerful, and instanly obvious that will lead your prospects to say,

“I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you… regardless of price.”

Advantage: Innovators & Marketers

This situation leaves a huge advantage for companies who know how to build a better business… and who know how to integrate the right kind of marketing throughout their sales system. This program shows you how to get your sales and marketing team to work together and keeps the CEO’s on the “same page” with them.

We will give you step-by-step marketing solutions, and a plan, to help you innovate your company, then communicate so that prospects WANT to listen to you. They’ll come to you for solutions and answers to their problems. You’ll become the obvious choice to do business with…
If You Want To Distinguish Your Business From The Competition, Then You Must Build A Case Like An Attorney Would In A “Life or Death” Court Case!

Your business is on trial. Your customers and prospects are the jury. You’re the attorney. And it’s a life or death sentence.

What will you say to convince them to buy from you? What kind of evidence can you produce to PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that they’d be a fool to buy from anybody else but you?

You’ll learn in this system, step-by-step, how to build that case. You’ll learn how to create over 20 kinds of irrefutable evidence that will allow you to win every time. And best of all, we’ll show you how to keep your competitors from stealing your marketing ideas.

Systematically Eliminate Your Competitors And Leave Them In The Trail of YOUR Dust

Once you’ve created your case, you need to consistently and cost-effectively “deluge” your target market with your messages.

You’ve got to “cultivate” the market like a gardener would cultivate his field to grow a crop. When you have your market “cultivated” properly, then you can see the “seeds” you planted come to life as new business comes your way.

When the new prospects are ready to buy, you will be the obvious choice in their mind.

In this live seminar and workshop program , you’ll learn how to dominate your marketplace with strategies and tactics that will keep your customers coming back for repeat business.

You (or an individual sales person) will be able to work 5 times more leads, spend 80% of your time closing more business, and always have as many leads as you want or need.

You’ll create a “faucet of profit.” Hot or cold, fast or slow…it’s up to you. You can turn it on, and turn it off… at will.

Why It Is Critical That You Listen… And Hope Your Competitors Don’t

With this powerful marketing system… just one or two companies will build up in each industry and DOMINATE. The question is…will it be YOUR company, or will it be one of your competitors?

The cost of this seminar isn’t cheap, and seating IS limited. You will NOT be on a retainer, nor will you need to sign one to register for this seminar. If you decide to retain our firm, a contract can be developed at your leisure and discretion.

The Inevitable Result

You and your company generate more leads, convert more leads to sales, and your sales and revenues increase dramatically—immediately.

If you don’t act on this today, I can guarantee you two things:

  1. Your competitor will
  2. Because I will go see them next.

Ernest ODell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing
Email: GuerrillaInternetMarketing@gmail.com

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