77 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Sites

Two hundred forty seven million visits and more…

Hi, I’m Ernest O’Dell, CEO of the Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute.

Why should you listen to me?

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know enough about traffic generation to regard getting a million visits a year as an achievable target. I’ve done it, doubled it, and more–with FREE traffic. If you haven’t reached a million visits a year, you should find this series useful.

When it comes to traffic generating, many affiliates and other website owners tend to get stuck in a comfortable rut. We often use a small number of favorite techniques and rarely venture out beyond them. I hope this series will encourage you to look beyond the techniques you’re using and try a few new ones… just a few.  You don’t have to go out and “buy the farm” (or sell it either) to get tons of traffic back to your site.  By using a wider variety of techniques, you’ll attract new visitors from new places.  The wider you cast your traffic net, the more you insure more traffic to your online business.

You probably won’t use EVERY single method listed in this series.  Choose the ones which suits your site the best.

All the techniques I describe here involve a certain amount of work – but that’s a GOOD thing. You won’t have to invest hours and hours of learning and banging your head against the wall, but you will have to get out of thinking you can do this with “three clicks” of your mouse.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Miss Clickboobs isn’t going to be any help to you here.

There is no “magic trick” or ‘silver bullet’ to getting traffic to your site.  And, no matter how much traffic you get to your site, if your copy sucks, so will your sales.

Let’s face it: Many of your competitors are just going to be too lazy to do the work involved, so when you do it, your traffic will leap ahead of theirs. To do just one or two of the things you learn in this series, you might have to go to eLance or Rentacoder and hire a programmer. However, the vast majority of the techniques are free and relatively simple. Most of them require time, not money.

About 95% of this report describes strong, solid fundamentals techniques which build a solid, long-term business. The other 5% deals with strategies, methods, tactics and… gimmicks. Don’t ignore the gimmicks. Sometimes “gimmicks” can work brilliantly.

I like to think of search engines as my unpaid slaves, working for me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Back in 2001 when I
first started learning all this Internet marketing stuff, the websites I created carried on like magic, receiving thousands of visitors every day. Some of them didn’t look very pretty, but they worked nonetheless.  I LOVE free search engine traffic!

How to get traffic to your site is a HUGE topic. Whole books have been written on just small aspects of it. This series is an introduction to the topic. Many of the strategies you read in this series will probably look familiar to you and will only remind you of something you already know: that’s okay.  I’m just reminding you that they still exist and that they’re still relevant.

Please don’t just nod your head and think, “Oh, I already know that!” Take action. Try some of the techniques you’re not using. Other websites use these techniques successfully so why don’t you?

At the end of this series, there’s a brief list of carefully chosen high-traffic generating resources I recommend. This series is aimed at affiliates, but you don’t have to be an affiliate to find these traffic-generating tips useful.


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