The need for IT professionals is expected to double worldwide by 2012. Will you be ready?

by Ernest O’Dell – Questar TeleCommunications, Questar PC and The Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute

If there is one marketing truth you must know and understand, it is this: People will buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell. So, just because your lead is not ready to buy today, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. After all, today’s leads are tomorrow’s customers, or next month’s or next year’s.

Start building your lead base now. Treat your leads like friends: not customers. Treating them like customers will alienate them from you: Treating them like friends will ensure that they will come directly to you once they are ready to buy.

Send them a Christmas or Hannukkah card, and drop your business card in the envelope with it as a gentle reminder. Put a smiley face on your card with a handwritten note on it like, “Let’s stay in touch!” or “Let’s get together for lunch (or coffee) sometime.” You would be surprised at how this little tactic works wonders.

Remember: communications with your customers and prospects is a contact sport. All you have to do is make sure YOU stay in contact with them… whether they do or not.

I have thousands of customers, and hundreds of thousands of prospects. They might not be buying from me right now, but, whenever I’m talking to a small business owner, or a Direct Marketer, I am thinking, “This is one of my friends.” If I treat them like a customer, I won’t even have a chance to tell them about my products or services.

I won’t even have a chance to tell them what I can do for them if I have categorized them as “Customer” in my head. Many times it is my perceived value of this person—as a friend—that causes them to want to learn more about me and my company. Being considerate of their sensitivites and concerns will often earn me another customer!

Treating your customers like an old friend—without becoming overtly patronizing or condescending—is going to dramatically increase your customer loyalty.

Now, what does this all have to do with the need for more I/T professionals in the next 2 years? Well, for one, companies are getting ready to spend some money on new computer equipment and communications infrastructure. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you can write your own paycheck. If not, then someone else is going to snap up your market share.

If you would rather write your own paycheck and not be limited to working for someone else, then—perhaps—you need to take a look at becoming a VAR and “branding” yourself as the expert in a variety of fields and protocols.

You don’t have much time, you know: it starts in January 2011. And the “window” of opportunity never stays open very long.

Ernest O’Dell is the President and CEO of Questar TeleCommunications, Questar PC, and Guerrilla Internet Marketing. His company, founded in 1982, is a leading provider in research and implementation of Unified Communications and Messaging for the real estate and insurance industries. Many of his web sites and blogs continue to get millions of visitors each month. He has recruited over 500,000 affiliates into two businesses alone and can show you how to run with The Big Dogs!

The need for IT professionals is expected to double worldwide by 2012. Will you be ready – GREEN BAR.pdf


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