Do You Struggle With Article Marketing?

by Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute

There’s a lot of people claiming that article marketing is a dead horse. They say it doesn’t work. Well let me just give you a few statistics and facts:

Willie Crawford has written more than 1,600 articles in just the last 14 years!

Do you think Willie would keep writing articles if they didn’t work? Do you think he would waste another day writing articles if he didn’t profit from them?

  • He sometimes writes 20 to 40 articles per week…
  • Stone Evans has written over 800 articles…
  • Jeff Herring has written 1,458 articles…
  • Steven Wagenheim has written over 2,496 articles, and continues to write two per day…
  • Jason Nyback has written 5,716 articles, and still continues to write…
  • Myself, I’ve only written 6,160 articles, technical papers, reports and books in the past 5 years, and this one counts for one more…

So… add one to that count.

Oh, what the hell! What do we know? Right? What do all these other writers know that you don’t know? Why do we keep throwing time, effort and money into article marketing, if it really is a dead horse?

I’ll tell you why. And I’m going to be REAL BLUNT about it, too…

Those that make the claim that article marketing doesn’t work any more…

…don’t know what the hell they’re talking about!

Is it possible that the people claiming the premature death of article marketing are the people who have failed with it? Or is it because they have just never gotten started?

Or is it because they can’t write worth a damn?

Hey! You don’t have to be a New York Times Best Seller to write articles! You don’t even have to have perfect spelling and grammar—although it would help. If you can’t spell, or use proper punctuation, grammar and syntax, then get someone to help you!

Do you want to take your article marketing advice from dead-beats who have failed OR from people with a long track record of success?

Hey! I’m not kidding! (I told you I was going to be blunt! I’m tired of “pussy-footin’” around with a bunch of whiners!)

You can take your lessons from failures, OR you can take your lessons from successful article marketers…

I got over 247 million hits to one web site back in 2005, and it took me over 3 years to figure out that they had all come from articles that I had written and submitted into directories. Once I started tracking the IP numbers and the tracking graphs showed me where the traffic had originated, I found article that were 3, 4, and 5 years old still cranking out traffic.

Bill Platt, the author of the ebook, “Article Marketing Secrets: Turning Words Into Dollars”, has written more than 600 articles in dozens of niches…

He has written for ghost writing clients and for himself…

And, he has written articles under dozens of pen names…

Many of Bill’s articles have generated revenues in excess of five-figures…

Bill’s most successful article generated $38,000 in new revenue within three days of its publication…

Why am I telling you all this? Because I’m bragging on Bill?


Because I’m bragging on myself?


I’m definitely not bragging about 247 million (plus) hits from my articles, because I didn’t monetize the site. Had I monetized the site, I would have several million dollars in the bank from them.

No… I was just running the tests, and then got sidetracked and forgot about them. Then one morning I got an email from my stats and almost fell out of my chair!

I hadn’t checked my stats in over 10 months because I had gotten sidetracked into doing something else. I can’t even remember what I was doing, or what sidetracked me…

I know, I know… you’re probably skeptical. Right?

Well, calm down, because I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am trying to point out that article marketing is the way to go when you want raw, organic, unadulterated traffic to your sites.

Most people do not like to share their real income online for obvious reasons… they like to fly “under the radar” because they don’t want to attract attention of the You Know Who.

If you were asked to put your income numbers on the Internet for the world to see, would you do it?


Why not?

Well, evidently a bunch of these guys didn’t mind making it public in forums about their income. People like Steven Wagenheim, Jason Nyback, just to mention a couple. There’s more, but I’m not going to join them, for obvious reasons.

The only reason I’m writing this article is not to drive traffic back to my site, but to tell you what you can do with the 3rd course of the Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute: “The Phenomenal Power of Article Marketing and Press Releases.”

Yes, press releases. Sometimes known as “news releases” or PSA’s (Public Service Announcements).

They all have similarities while having somewhat different rules, but when they’re delivered electronically over the Internet through directoris, they create a deluge of back links and one way traffic to your site.

They also:

  • Improve your rankings in Google and other search engines like Yahoo Directory and;
  • Improve Your Article CTR’s (Click-Through Rates);
  • Increase Traffic to your websites;
  • Get more subscribers for your mailing list, faster than any other method known;
  • Deliver more Pre-Qualified Prospects to your websites; and
  • Generate more sales for your websites—today and tomorrow.

After about a year’s worth of articles in the same niche, you can then turn it into a book. (Separate course…)

A book is quite possibly the best article marketing tool you can use to brand your name on the Internet.

In the Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute Course # 3, you’re going to learn (for free) what a lot of people would charge you. But, you’re also going to learn MORE than they could ever teach you.

Why? Because they’re only going to give you so much. After that, they’re going to start pounding you with ad upon ad.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. Some of these guys are my friends, but I know the business and the nature of the beast. They’re going to have your name in their subscriber database and the autoresponder is just going to “churn out” whatever they’ve put into their inventory.

In the third series of the course, you’re going to learn:

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your Article Title, by “optimizing” it with the proper key words;
  • How to construct your Article Body to ensure that more people will reach your link at the end of the article;
  • How to write the Closing Paragraph to include the three primary objectives of the closing paragraph;
  • How to create your Authors’ Resource Box to accomplish the four goals that the Resource Box should accomplish;
  • The critical factors that will enable your articles to generate revenue for your website;
  • How to get your articles published on the largest number of websites (mine are distributed over 31,000 different directories in 182 countries…);
  • How to get your Article Published in the most-respected newsletters, websites and blogs;
  • How to make sure that your articles reach Google’s Top Ten Search Results on a regular and consistent basis; and
  • How to Measure The Effectiveness of your articles through metrics.

This course alone, is going to give you more bonus material than the previous two course series. The fourth series is going to be the “Big Kahuna.”

I look forward to seeing you in the course. It won’t cost you anything to take it, and it will be launched on January 2, 2011.

Look for it.

Do You Struggle With Article Marketing.pdf


  1. Ernest there’s two points that just stood out in a huge way that deserve an extra tap:

    1.) “I’m definitely not bragging about 247 million (plus) hits from my articles, because I didn’t monetize the site. Had I monetized the site, I would have several million dollars in the bank from them.

    No… I was just running the tests, and then got sidetracked and forgot about them. Then one morning I got an email from my stats and almost fell out of my chair!”
    This points out a hugely overlooked reality that greenhorns never seem to fathom off the bat… but the simple fact is that once you start doing things right by taking advantage of the experience that someone as seasoned as Ernest (no offense ;)…

    YOU’RE IN MOTION! You are doing and you’ve created something unique and that is something world wants if you follow Erenst’s advice. It’s funny how we fear that if something hits the web that we don’t want on there it lives forever, but when we’re approaching the same internet so many have a this self-limiting belief that it’s not going anywhere.

    Well everybody that writes had to start somewhere, and most people really underestimate how much they really write when they consider all the school, work, and reports you’ve made it through thus far.

    Great thing about internet marketing is that it’s the coal you shovel into the flames that determines how fast and far the train goes. Not a lot of people will say article marketing is dead, but the problem with internet marketers, marketing internet marketing, is that they end up in a rut!

    Internet marketing under that umbrella is extremely fierce and if that’s all do, then that’s all they know. I would venture to say that most of them become the ivory tower crowd for this very reason. In many cases a lot of them called themselves guru’s before ‘being’ one because that’s what a lot of internet marketers marketing internet marketing to those who want to become gurus in internet marketing teach.

    Well rest assured friends, you’re in the company which brings me to the second knee jerk reveille.

    2.) “In the Guerrilla Internet Marketing Institute Course # 3, you’re going to learn (for free) what a lot of people would charge you. But, you’re also going to learn MORE than they could ever teach you.”

    Ernest has got to be one of the top 3 favorite teachers period. He simply doesn’t cut corners (if you’ve read through some of his blog/pdf posts that are literally mini e-books you’d say the very same thing).

    He doesn’t say, teach, or offer a single thing that he doesn’t believes is a real working model. This is an enormous breath of fresh-air because among the ivory tower IM guru’s there isn’t only the saying the you start calling yourself a guru before you’re a guru, but also a second pernicious little beast…

    “Useful, but incomplete…” “Always leave them wanting more…(but not in the most ideal way).” Fortunately, Ernest is always up for laying down the tracks and sharing them because he’s always moving forward. With so much behind him he has the ‘worldview’ on the topic which snowballs into richer and richer content. He simply doesn’t need to stoop to such shortcut tactics… he develops his own marching forward.

    Just the nature of the beast, but you’re with beast slayers now ;)!

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