Seduction versus. Hard Sell

By Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing

Monday, April 12, 2010

Most Internet Marketers approach their prospects like an army of testosterone laden Spartans attacking the walled city of Troy to rescue Helen: with a full frontal assault.

We come at them with flags flying, trumpets blaring, battering rams slamming their Inbox, and catapults sending balls of fire flying through cyberspace.

Our siege machines hurl fiery verbal projectiles, our archers darken the sky with journalistic arrows, and we send row after row of armored warriors (those incestuous joint venture partners who replicate the already over-worn strategy) to storm the enemy’s gates: your email account.

Unlike the ancient Greeks and Romans who used real weapons, our missiles are mere words, crafted to appear as “benefits” honed to a razor’s edge like the sharpness of a Samurai sword. All this is done with hypnotic power and precision accuracy to turn our brains into oatmeal and our readers into a bunch of mindless zombies.

Or, so it would seem…

Click on the link below to read the rest of the article in PDF format:

Seduction vs Hard Sell – GUERRILLA REVIEW.pdf


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