Shocking Discoveries – Psychological Traps

By Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing

Thursday, April 8, 2010

There’s a spectre of malintent in the air. You hear it from the media all the time. You’re bombarded with negative news day in and day out. It’s the bane of Internet Marketers, Real Estate Professionals, and just about anybody in business today.

Self employed business owners, MLM’ers, real estate and insurance professionals—and just about every other “stripe” of entrepreneur—face a common dilemma: they all have to sell to stay alive. They may cut back on expenses, the weekly trip to the restaurant, the daily trip to “Happy Hour” at the favorite watering hole, but they are not going to cut back on the necessities like food, water, utilities and necessities for their business.

As an entrepreneur, which—by the way—includes real estate agents and brokers, freelancers, and sales professionals in every industry you can think of…

…having a steady stream of work can make a huge difference between life and death of your business and in your finances.

To read the rest of the article in PDF format, click on the link below.

Shocking Discoveries – Psychological Traps – GUERRILLA REVIEW.pdf

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