Building Quality Back Links To Your Web Sites

By Ernest O’Dell

Friday, April 2, 2010

Link Building

Why Bother With Link Building At All?

Before search engine optimization (SEO) became a popular “buzz” word, it wasn’t used for much more than optimizing your website for keywords. Many web site developers took a simple approach of doing a “balancing act” between keywords and content in hopes that the search engines would rank you high in the search algorithm.

Then major search engines, following the lead of Google, took to re-writing their algorithms to “look at” the back links that were pointing to your sites. Search engines like Google now look for other trusted, authoritative websites that are linking from their site to your site. If you don’t have good inbound links to your site, no amount of search engine optimization will help you.

An effective Link Building campaign is essential to your Internet Marketing strategy. It not only helps you rank higher in Google, Yahoo and Bing; but it will also help to drive traffic to your site.

However, there are some caveats…

Link Building Campaigns

In order to be effective, your link building campaigns should not be relegated to one isolated campaign, but to multiple strategies and methods. You must seek the right types of links and avoid link building activities that have the potential to do more harm than good.

What is meant by that?

Link Content – Content around your inbound links can have a powerful effect on your search engine ranking. It’s not just that a website links to you, but it is also important to consider the type of content that is linking to you. If the link content from the “referral” site is relevant to the content on your site, that’s good. It will have a positive effect on the algorithms used by the search engine. If the link content from the referral site is not relevant to your the content on your site, then that will bring your ranking down… sometimes with disastrous effects.

Link Relevance – It’s fine to have general interest sites like web directories linking to you, but search engines rely more on links from other web sites that are relevant to yours. In the case where you have a regional focus, websites in your same region linking to you are highly valued and trusted. If they are not in the same region—or market sector—as your site, then it will have detrimental effects on your ranking.

Natural Link Building – Search engines are always on the look-out for automated spam links or link trading activites. Putting your site into one of these “link trading” sites could potentially do your site more harm than good. The question should be: Do you know where and how to get Natural looking links?

Link Quality – Let’s face it: Search engines aren’t prejudiced. They don’t have an ax to grind. They measure the quality of websites, and frankly—the majority of websites on the Internet are somewhere between passé and junk sites. Junk sites, as I like to call them, are those notorious “replicated” doorway/gateway pages that simply serve to spam the search engines using “black hat” tactics. Not only are they not highly regarded by search engines, but they will also get you banned out of their indexes—permanently. So—getting links from high quality sites is vital—as is avoiding the sites of dubious quality.

Link Freshness – Search engines know whether your website is relevant and up-to-date or not. The archives of these search engines are programmed to do comparisons between “crawls” and if your site isn’t kept consistent and current on a regular basis, then it will indexed as “dated” —if not old. When your site, its content, and the content of other sites linking to you, is kept fresh and current, then that, too, will keep your site ranking high in the search engine indexes. Good link building is an ongoing effort and not a “one time” shot in the arm.

Link Quantity – Building natural links—over time—will give you a boost over your competition. Links to your site act as a “vote” of confidence for your site in the search engines.

Link Diversity – Search engines like to see links coming from many diverse sources (Not just one type of site linking to you). You can have several other sites, or several hundred other sites “back-linking” to you, but you want to make sure that they are relevant and quality. Quantity is not really a part of the equation, unless they are of good quality.

In short, let’s draw a word picture of good versus bad link building practices.

Let’s say you live in Beverly Hills, California, or on a nice estate property on Long Island in Suffolk County, New York. You live in a quality area where you want to keep the property values up.

Along comes Jed Clampitt and his family from Tennessee, and they’re driving a beat up old pickup truck, piled with all their belongings. They just struck oil on their property and are now—all of a sudden—among the “filthy rich.” And filthy practically describes them.

But… they move into a nice home, and they keep it up, but they refuse to “upgrade” their transportation to a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce. They continually insist on driving their beat up pickup truck.

Worse than that, they also continue to wear ratty “tattered” clothing and never seem to “get it” that they’re living amongst the rich and wealthy.

Everybody is concerned for their property values because now they have a bunch of hicks moving into the neighborhood.

Or, let’s say we have a drug dealer who comes into his millions by illegal means, and makes no bones about his lifestyle, and he moves into the neighborhood. Now, all of a sudden, the neighborhood is “up in arms” about the quality of their homes and values.

This is a similar analogy used in reference to web site “types” and neighborhoods. Getting your site indexed into the search engines that have these “shady” neighbors linking to you can bring down the value and quality of your site in the “eyes” of the search engines.

Again—let me remind you—the search engines are not prejudiced: they’re just programmed that way to bring quality, and relevant, content to the searches done on their engines.

Why Use Link Building Software?

A good, quality link building software system will “crawl” the Internet for you and find the most relevant linking opportunities for you. Having software that automatically scours the web for you can take hours, days, weeks and months off of your campaigns. A good link building software package will search thousands—to hundreds of thousands—of websites based on your keywords. It will crawl your competitors web sites, and will even narrow that “scrub” down to the geo-location and demographics that you want.

Link Building Optimization Actions You Should Take

Link Building is the fastest and most reliable way to improve your website rankings. Here are the types of links you should implement into your SEO plans:


  • Searching thousands of websites for your keywords can be time consuming if you have it done manually. Automating the process with software will deliver the highest value link building opportunities for you. Building a link on sites related to your keywords and content will boost your keyword ranking on the search engines.


  • Social bookmarking—which is an integral part of the whole “web 2.0” schema—will allow you to identify pages on the Internet like your own site. They may be either web pages, blogs or articles, but will provide you with relevant quality. You can then share those bookmarks with other visitors on the web.


  • An efficient link building software program will find your top keyword competitors on Google—and other search engines—and will help you locate relevant links. Getting your site “plugged in” to other quality sites, and getting relevant back links will help your site(s) obtain top position. A good software program that “scrubs” the web for you, and delivers these links to you, will help you stay one step ahead of your competition.


  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of directory sites on the Internet. Some are older than others, but they need to be researched for quality and relevance. Again, using a software program to automate this process for you will scan these sites and deliver the most relevant, highest valued directories right to you. No need to spend hours of research on the Internet when you can automate it. The right software system, or a combination of systems, will do the hard work for you, efficiently.


  • Believe it or not, some of the best tools on the Internet are free. While it’s economical to subscribe to “paid” services—as long as they deliver the desired results—don’t dismiss the “free” stuff you find on the web. Yahoo Answers is a free service where people can ask and answer questions on any subject. It’s almost like having access to an open forum.
  • Searching these forums can be tedious and time consuming, and you can end up finding a lot of erroneous information from people who are not well versed in SEO.
  • Performing an “intelligent scrub” of these forums requires some human interaction, and can be sped up with the use of the right system. The software should look for relevant questions—as well as—relevant answers to your niche.
  • Not only will this allow you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field, but it will also direct customers to your site.


  • Social media has taken the Internet like a fire-storm! Sites like Facebook (which is Number One, by the way), LinkedIn, Twitter, SocialOomph, and MySpace—just to name a few—are an excellent way to add value AND TRAFFIC back to your site(s).
  • “Fan Pages” on Facebook, bookmarks on other social networks, and blog links will also increase the back links and increase your ranking.

Building quality back links to your web site(s) for the purposes of SEO and high page rank—is an ongoing process. It is not something that can be done once and then neglected for several months before you think about it again.

In tandem with a quality back link campaign, you should also consider a “targeted” article marketing campaign—coupled with your link building efforts. It’s well worth the money spent. And, if you’re doing this as a business to business venture, it may very well be tax deductible. (Check with your CPA or tax specialist.)

Building Quality Back Links To Your Web Sites – GUERRILLA REVIEW.pdf


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