Supercharge Your Website – Seven Second Marketing

By Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing and Questar TeleCommunications

First things first: if you don’t have a web site—you should.

Second: if you do have a web site, there are some statistics you need to know. I know statistics can be as boring and dry as the bark on an oak tree, but bear with it.

Here’s just a few statistics:

  • 70% of the U.S. population regularly use the Internet
  • Over 1 billion people in the world are online
  • The average adult spends 3 hours more a day online than watching T.V.
  • These are all encouraging statistics for small business owners. It means you have a very large target market, and as long as you have a website, you have a better chance of being found online than in a phonebook, flier, or other advertisement.


  • There are also over 400 million active websites &
  • The average visitor only gives a website 7 seconds (or less) before deciding whether the site is worth their time.

Which means, you’ve got seven seconds (or less) to:

  1. attract the viewer,
  2. declare your message, and
  3. get them to take action.

A daunting challenge? Sure! But not impossible.

To make the most of your web site, you need to know a few basic rules of Internet psychology.

Make Your Headline Grab Their Attention: Enough can’t be said about a good headline. If your headline (or subject line in an email) doesn’t get their attention, your web site visitor isn’t going to hang around very long. If you need to read up and learn some writing skills, I highly recommend reading Joe Vitale’s “Hypnotic Marketing.” You can get a lot of good writing tips in his book.

Maximize the Focal Point: Most online viewers can only focus on one thing at a time. You may have a lot of great information on your site, but if it looks like a digital “flea market” with banner ads from disparate businesses all over the place, your visitor is going to “fly away” faster than a flock of geese. Find your “focal point” and make sure it’s declaring your message loud and clear. Make sure you have a balanced amount of “white space” around your focal point: that can be a few lines of space between paragraphs, a graphic or a lead capture box.

Make Your Message Count: If it takes 2 or 3 seconds to read a sentence, that sentence better make sense to your visitor. If it doesn’t matter to your reader, they’re going to “ditch” your site and go somewhere else. Does your message apply to the needs and wants of your target market? Don’t be clever, elusive, and try to reach everybody. Just focus on your target market and speak directly to their emotions. Get inside their head and have a conversation with them.

Give Them Something to Do: Most visitors to your site are searching for something to do; make it interesting and fun. Provide them with forums, blogs and other ways to connect with you and like-minded consumers. And don’t forget to offer something free in exchange for their contact information. Give them a free report or an article that will be of benefit to them.

Most people are looking for information: they’re NOT looking to spend money. They’re looking for a solution to a problem, and if you have that solution, they will listen to you. If your information leads to a product or service that they buy from you, and it provides a real value, then that’s fine. But if what you end up selling doesn’t provide the answer(s) to their problems, your return rate is going to be high.

Give Them a Reason to Return: This goes “hand in hand” with the previous paragraph. If you provide good content and information, your visitors will be loyal and come back. Keep your site up-to-date and full of interesting, valuable information. When your viewers realize that you are constantly updating your site, they are much more likely to return. If you have a RSS feed, make it available to them and let them know about it. If they use a RSS reader they will be automatically notified of your latest updates, whether it’s a blog or a web site.

Seven seconds is all you have to attract and keep prospects online. Anybody who tells you that you have more is probably stretching it. So, whatever else you do, be sure to collect lead information off your site. Even seven seconds gives you enough time to start building that relationship with your prospects.

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