Why Do You Need A Facebook Fan Page?

By Ernest O’Dell – Guerrilla Internet Marketing

I can only imagine how you feel about fan pages on Facebook. On one side of the equation, I agree with your sentiments. The ego of it all!

And, yes, there’s a lot of “wannabe” gurus who think they can teach you something. What most of them don’t realize is how you really feel about them: they’re wet behind the ears, and they couldn’t teach you anything.

Think about it: what can a “20 something” —living at home with his mama and daddy—teach you? About anything?

I know! That’s where the ego comes in.

But, if YOU have something of value that can help people with a business solution to a problem they’re having…

…guess what? You could be telling a whole lot more people than just your friends on your profile page.


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