The Power of Positive Thinking – Is It All That Positive?

By Ernest O’Dell

Guerrilla Internet Marketing and Questar TeleCommunications

Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wallace Wattles, these all come to mind when someone speaks of the “power of positive thinking.” You have, no doubt, already heard about these thinkers, and have probably learned a lot from them, too. But, to some, there has always been something begging from this philosophy. Call it what you want, but it’s like a “nagging” in the back of the “Great Universal Unconscious.”

The “power of positive thinking” has been so firmly entrenched in our culture that criticizing it is like attacking motherhood, baseball or apple pie. It has become so enshrined in our society that it has become the false god that gives people a sense of security and has abdicated their responsibility from critical thinking. It has become the panacea to every negative challenge that has ever faced you in your personal life, your business, or in your relationships.

Millions swear by positive thinking, and millions claim to have been helped by it. Nevertheless, it is not an effective tool for success. As a matter of fact, and it can be downright destructive because people don’t take time to think through the premise of the philosophy. There are much better ways to get the benefits that positive thinking allegedly provides.

Perhaps the statement that best exemplifies positive thinking is “When life hands you a basket of lemons, make lemonade.” You would think this is good advice until you realize how simplistic it sounds: The mere fact that we never question this “wisdom” flies in the face of logic. It does not take a whole lot of digging to unearth the flaws in this reasoning, but it does take a little effort to question the veracity of it. Simply accepting this premise on its face value is not sufficient.

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