Becoming Business Minded

By Ernest O’Dell

The biggest majority of people who get involved with a network marketing business (or MLM) have a lot of learning to do: and some “un-learning” as well. Most of them come into their new business with the mindset of an employee. It shouldn’t be a surprise, because that’s what we have been most of our working lives – and most likely – it is what generations of our ancestors have been: employees.

They find some huckster “hawking” the “latest and greatest” ‘opportunity’ and are taken in because they either don’t know any better or they didn’t learn their lesson the first few times around. They keep making the same mistakes, only with someone different.

If it sounds like I’m on a rant… well, I am.

Let me clear something up: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having the mindset of a dutiful, diligent and loyal employee. Honesty, industriousness, and determination are all good qualities. Being a dedicated, hard working employee are good qualities to have. But being a hard working employee does not prepare you to be an employer or a business owner.

To be successful in any business—regardless of what you’ve gotten yourself involved in—requires determination—not only a determination to stick to it, but also a mindset that you’re going to learn how to look at the world differently.

You must start training yourself to be the boss, to develop the mindset of a business owner, and to run your own show. Although you won’t have any employees when you first start out in your new business, you will have people joining you if you’re recruiting, and they will be looking to you for leadership.

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