Cold Calling Sucks!

(Or, How To Take The Chill Out of Cold Calling)

When it comes to bringing in some business, creative thinking business owners turn to cold calling. (I know, I know… cold calling sucks!) Picking up the phone, calling a prospect, asking if there’s any work available. “Dialing For Dollars.” It can work for some, but it still sucks, and you hate it, and so does the person you are cold calling.

It’s a chilly way to market your product or service!

(Pssst! That’s why they call it cold calling.)

There are other drawbacks, too.

For example, cold calling takes a lot of time out of your day and that’s one thing you don’t have in abundance. You’re always working against the clock and you have to spend time getting the work into your business—as well as doing the work itself.

Consider this: The average number of cold calls you can make in an hour is about 10 or 15, depending on your “pitch.” Of those calls, more than 90% will go nowhere. Did you read that last sentence? Let me repeat it again: Of those calls, more than 90% will go NOWHERE.

Okay. Actually, it’s probably more like 97 to 99 percent, but who’s counting? Right? It’s still a very expensive use of your time. (And, remember, that time isn’t billable!)

And keep in mind that a cold call is something no one likes to do… and no one likes to receive! All the more reason why cold calling sucks!

(Are we having fun yet?)

Okay, so now that I’ve painted a really negative picture of cold calling, is there another way to use the phone effectively to bring in more business?

I mean… sometimes you just have to resort to cold calling. Some businesses just wouldn’t get off the ground without it, and more wouldn’t survive.

So, how do you turn this negativity on its head? How do you turn cold calls into warm calls?

You’ve heard the term “warm calls” before: It’s not just a change in verbiage to make cold calls seem easier. It’s a complete 180 degrees change in approach. It is—literally—turning cold calls on their head!

Here’s what I mean:

While cold calling is about pitching your products or services, warm calls are about phoning people to OFFER them something they can use in their business… like right now.

What can they use right now? Your expertise, of course!

When you offer your expertise, instead of your “pitch,” the recipient of your “cold” calls warm up considerably. (And so does the positive responses you get.)

How do you offer your expertise without coming across like you’re pitching your services… or giving away your services for free?

For example: I specialize in working with real estate and insurance industry professionals. There’s a ton of other businesses and industries where you can use this strategy, but let’s just focus on these two examples. Yours may differ, but you can still develop something to fit into your business model.

We’re experts at helping real estate and insurance industry professionals build a memorable brand in the minds of their prospects, and generate qualified leads and increase sales. We have a special report that explains the most effective strategies for doing that.

So, while I’m on the phone with a prospect, I’ll offer that report to them for free. If I already have their email address, I’ll get their permission to forward them the link to the report so they can download it. If I don’t have their email, I’ll ask for it and offer to send them the link.

Why just the link? Because the file is in PDF and it’s stored on a server where they can “share” the link with their colleagues, therefore, making it “viral.” Also, it’s a little large for some people and they won’t accept attachments to emails. If they’re on a corporate network, their I/T administrator might have their emails restricted from receiving attachments.

I call this the Free Report Strategy for “warming up” cold calls and it works very well.

Think of ways your expertise could help your clients achieve their business goals, then create a special report on that topic. It doesn’t have to be long and involved. It can be just a few pages, like this article—as long as the information is helpful to your prospect.

For example, if you are a web site designer, you could create a free report on building dynamic websites, building a lead capture page for a web site, a report on email marketing, or a report on how to market and communicate more effectively in the pharmaceutical market. You choose the area where you have the strongest knowledge and expertise.

Just make sure that it is in an area of expertise that you know: Don’t try to BS your way into an industry of which you know nothing.

Using the Free Report Strategy changes your status from ‘sales person’ to ‘helpful expert’. No longer are you “that pesky telemarketer” beating the bushes for work. Now you’re someone who has something valuable to offer to those who are looking for help.

Warm calls are so much more effective than cold calls and you will be amazed at the difference in the responses you get. Gone is the “Got work?” mentality and in its place is “Are you interested in receiving my offer? Do you need my help?”

You will also notice the difference in the reaction you get from your prospects. You’ll get more leads, referrals and opportunities. And you’ll feel better about making those calls, too.
Cold Calling Sucks – GREEN BAR.pdf

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