Why Does It Take So Dang Long?

I was talking to my brother the other day and he said that he read somewhere that “…you don’t hit your ‘stride’ until you’ve at least turned 50, or you’ve been in business 10 years.” Or, something like that. Whew! I thought… ten years! Some people have a long way to go. But I found something that can shorten the trip: Aweber list building software.

I know, I know… everybody tells you to “build your list.”

Well, you know what? They’re right! And if you’re still trying to do it some other way, then you have to play the “Dr. Phil” tape in your head and ask yourself: “How’s that been workin’ for ya?”

Tom Kulzer will give you the “Full Skinny” on how to use Aweber, and Ron Givens (Affiliate Manager) at AWeber Communications
877-AWEBER-1 Ext. 731 will give you the “paint by numbers” way to use Aweber list building software.

Once you have your list built, guess what? You’ll be “in your stride.”

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  1. You know what else they tell you? If you keep hearing the same thing from 3 or 4 people… somebody is trying to get a message through to you.

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